NOVEMBER 22nd The weather has delighted me with the perfect present. Combing back fly away leaves and other loose strands,  I sensed it from the moment I left home this morning.  It has been an outpouring.   The campus is carpeted with yellow leaves.  An unquestionably Fall day with cascading shades of orange and red orange.  […]

dreaming of sleep and thickets of green plays on us all, plays on us all and hinders the day from its job, lying in wait to take my fall Alarmity strikes,  a torch, the reach in the dark commences~

Next door I am told the neighbor is sobbing.  Audible hurting.  I wish there was something I could do for her. But alas,  I am sad as well.  I have lost the momentum,  the much acclaimed joy, yet again.  Baby-faced boys offer their condolences.   Nearby, video game music is softly playing from my husband’s computer.  […]

there is not enough amethyst in the world.  my pain is no longer burrowed in its hole. it does not care who sees its sinister form. its shadows hover into each and every one’s sun. for it has grown legs and walked out upon a ledge. the ledge overlooks a body of water that touches […]

I think I am coming to understand Michael Scott’s agony as a boss on The Office:  The acknowledgement of things unnatural but the duty to enforce them regardless. All the many requirements, the nuances that you keep to yourself in order to assert and control.  To stay ahead.  All of your own insecurities and the […]

Happy Children’s Day <3 *a small video tribute to 2016 Children’s Day and to some third grade “Martians” very dear to my heart. In light of the recent “Supermoon” headlines (amongst other stirring of the people sorts of news), I have to wonder and ultimately, I have to cling to the hope that in 18 […]

  I need trees of green to get me through this life. It feels good deep down in my soul,  like a place where I would want to even go.  Like Zsanna going to Finland. It started inside the quiet as a piece on the piano but it turned into actions, roads, left and right […]

There’s a mangling and a mingling inside.  Beneath my bones,  I feel a swarming, an unforeseen greeting, spirals of warmth after warmth entrusting me with the great and good life.  Are the cotton covers coming into the mind.  There are memories I have never touched that are suddenly so spacious, bright, full and breaching all the […]

Though the wheat fields and the clothes lines And the junkyards and the highways come between us And the summer sun might burn me ’til I’m blind I still might run in silence tears of joy might stain my face But not to where I cannot see You walkin’ on the back roads By the rivers […]

i. Whenever he went out, he wore himself like a suit.  He would bend occasionally to this here and to the this there but his mind’s physique was fixed on the constant perfection of a crisp cotton life.  He felt in his heart that he knew compassion by its face and with this confidence,  he […]